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Heroo Hojicha Latte (90% Less Sugar) :

Heroo Hojicha Latte uses tea leaves from Yame City, Fukuoka that is sixth largest tea region of Japan. We reduced up to 90% of sugar and calories per sachet which makes the Hojicha taste stronger compare to other market Hojicha beverages without compromising on its sweetness. Hence, it brings up the tantalizing aroma and flavorful Hojicha tea which not to be missed by everyone. It definitely can beat with the Hojicha Latte that you are having in normal café house.

Benefits : 

  1. High in antioxidants

    – Help to flush out unwanted and even harmful free radicals from the body. It acts as a natural cleansing and detoxifying agent.

    – Help to keep the skin looking young as Hojicha help to reduce the signs of aging.

  1. High in L-theanine

    – Act as an amino acid that helps to boost mental capacity.

    – Help to reduce stress because it helps to lower blood pressure levels.

  1. High level of catechins / Aids in digestion

    – Help reduce cholesterol (which also help reduced inflammation, and decline the risk of heart disease)

  1. Low in caffeine levels/ Great alternatives to coffee/ Perfect for people who like to decaffeinated beverages

    – Suitable for people who are sensitive with caffeine products

    – Act as an energy drink since it will boost energy levels naturally without the jitters

    – One cup of Hojicha Latte about 7.7mg of caffeine VS one cup of coffee that containe 95mg of caffeine


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Hojicha Latte – 90% Less Sugar

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