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Low Sugar Lab

Welcome to Miyou Pastry by Low Sugar Lab, where indulgence meets innovation. We are the pioneer of first pastry in Malaysia that create Low Calorie Sugar pastry.

Savor the taste of sweetness without the guilt! At Miyou Pastry, We’ve meticulously formulated our recipes, skillfully reducing sugar content without sacrificing the authentic taste. Our passion for creating delightful experiences reflects in every bite of our carefully crafted desserts. Whether you’re seeking a guilt-free treat or a customized masterpiece for a special occasion, we are definitely your destination for decadence with a touch of sophistication. 

Join us on a journey where taste knows no bounds, and each pastry tells a story of flavor, creativity, and joy.

We want to let the society know that Low Sugar is not only deducting the amount of sugar


To become the leading pioneer in the low-sugar market trend, merging love and flavor through low-calorie dietary products, and spreading the taste of health to everyone.


Through advanced and innovative technology, we ensure that every food product has an exceptional taste and excellent quality. We strive for people’s taste buds to indulge in the sweet and healthy flavors, making our low-sugar dietary products their preferred choice.

Core Values of LOW SUGAR LAB:

Love & Care

Pursuit of Innovation


Unity & Win-Win

Integrity & Commitment

Gratitude & Appreciation