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  • Blueberry Spread 220g

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    Experience the essence of blueberry perfection with our USA-sourced Blueberry. Crafted to redefine indulgence, this spread boasts the tantalizing sweetness of blueberries while maintaining an exceptionally low sugar content. Embracing a vegan-friendly profile, it allows everyone to savor its rich, fruity flavor. What sets it apart is the delightful addition of almonds, introducing a nutty undertone that elevates the spread to a uniquely satisfying level. Whether on toast, pastries, or as a versatile ingredient in your culinary creations, our Blueberry Spread is a guilt-free delight for the senses.

  • Classic Caramel Popcorn

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    Dive into a generous portion of our flavorful Low-Sugar Popcorn, perfectly crafted for those who appreciate a larger snack. Enjoy the crunch without compromising on your commitment to lower sugar intake.